Lauren Adams is a ceramist and teacher, who lives in Oregon. She makes functional porcelain pottery in Portland.

She works with a high temperature porcelains and stonewares which are fired in a range of kilns and atmospheres. The selected ceramic wares are all hand-made using slip casting, throwing and a variety of hand-building techniques.


Cast pieces are made using liquid porcelains. The styles are individually designed on the wheel and a mold is made to create an edition of each shape. The surfaces on the hand painted styles are unique and vary from piece to piece.

Hand-thrown pieces are made using high-fire clays. Each piece is unique, though sets of similar items can be made. The surfaces are decorated using a combination of inlay processes with mineral oxides and painted over-glazes. The designs vary from piece to piece.

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A selection of pieces were fired atmospherically in a Portland waste vegetable oil and wood kiln, called the Tin Man, designed and built by the ceramist Careen Stoll of Cathouse Clay.


The featured wares are representative examples of the range of work that is available. All of the wares are food-safe and are able to be used in the microwave and dishwasher, though hand washing is recommended.

For information about availability or pricing please contact Lauren at White Bike Ceramics: lauren@whitebikeceramics.com


…Thank you for your interest!